Steve Builds Powerful Salesforce Data Capture Processes

Steve Builds Powerful Salesforce Data Capture Processes

Steve’s clients at Penrod are looking for quick and easy solutions to complicated data capture issues. As a Salesforce consultant, he recommends Formstack as the best product to pair with Salesforce.

“Formstack empowers us to make and customize solutions.”

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, but it has its limits. When Steve’s clients come to him with data collection issues within Salesforce, he knows exactly what to recommend as a solution: Formstack. 

As a Formstack partner, the team at Penrod knows the power of the Formstack Platform. They have built many robust Salesforce data collection workflows for their healthcare clients, spanning from generating Salesforce records from online forms to developing secure eSignature processes. When they need to develop a solution that perfectly integrates within the Salesforce ecosystem, they use Formstack for Salesforce. This tool allows them to create dynamically pre-filled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature capture, without leaving Salesforce.

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Streamlined workflows

Built repeatable systems using Forms, Documents, and Sign

Launched quickly

Brought multiple new processes online in days

Optimized Salesforce

Expanded Salesforce capabilities with forms, document automation, and eSignatures

Empowered clients

Delivered workflows clients can easily maintain and update

Video Transcript

I think, personally, it's nice having that product and that kind of suite of products that I know I can use, from the form creation, to the document creation, to then even eSignature. You don't need to be a developer to use the tool. You can come and learn it and use it successfully.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Steven Soukup. I'm a Salesforce consultant at Penrod. We are a Salesforce implementation partner. We work with Formstack and basically introduce Formstack when we can into the different builds for our clients.

Why did you choose to partner with Formstack?

The reason that we chose to partner with them is we had a solution that needed a very easy, very simple, very quick way for us to be able to have people fill out forms and generate records. Really, it was just a perfect match of the products that they offered, the solutions that we needed. They were a perfect blend and a perfect fit.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

Throughout the client's business process, there were multiple times where like, oh, I would really like to just real quickly fill this out and have that update my record. But there's this specific set of questions that I want answered, but that's not exactly what I want that field to be called. And I was like, well, how can we do this? How can we achieve this?

I was like, oh, we could just launch Formstack through a custom action and have them fill out this form exactly the way that they want as far as the questions being asked and then populate or update these records based on how the answers are given. The same time, part of that process was also capturing a signature from the client, so an eSignature.

So that was very quickly-- Formstack was right on my mind, kind of a yeah, let's just get the ball rolling with that. And that was another example of-- I think we talked to them for 20 minutes. I explained the use case. Formstack said, yep, that's exactly what we're here for. And I think within that day, they had a contract ready for me to hand over to the client to sign.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve? 

They have a great relationship with us. So it's really just having that in my tool belt of, hey, do I need something real quick? Do I know that I can count on someone to get it to me really quick? And I know Formstack is just not waiting there for us but ready to help whenever they can.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become “practically genius”?

I would say the advice that I would give to someone helping a client through their business process and developing their solution is really to keep it simple. I think a lot of times you try and impress them with like the wow. And sometimes it's not the wow factor that's going to impress them the most. It's actually going to be a, wow, this was a quick simple solution. It's going to get us up and running very quickly. Keep it simple. Make it easy. And really, everybody's going to win.

Why do you recommend Formstack to your clients?

The reason I'm going to continue to work with Formstack and continue to introduce them to my clients is just the relationship that they've built with us through coming onsite to do some demos and have some little forums, to the support they give with forms and documents and sign, knowing that if I have any questions, they're going to be eager to help. They really empower us to make the solution and customize the solution, and they help us any way they can to get there.

I think, personally, it's nice having that product and that kind of suite of products that I know I can use, from the form creation, to the document creation, to then even eSignature. You don't need to be a developer to use the tool. You can come and learn it and use it successfully.

As a Salesforce Expert Navigator, Penrod provides Salesforce managed services and implementations for health and life sciences companies. The client featured in this use case is a community hospital that strives to care for kids in ways that resonate with them, creating friendly environments that produce the best possible healthcare outcomes.
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