Streamlining the Student Experience

Learn how Simon Fraser University used Formstack for Salesforce to manage the student recruitment and enrollment lifecycle. Read this case study now.


SFU didn’t have a method for collecting lead information from prospective students directly in Salesforce, outside of a few laborious spreadsheet imports, which were very time consuming. They also didn’t have an easy way to collect required information or documents to help answer cases. Any software they use must meet FOIPPA compliance. Due to the ever-changing needs of their recruitment office, the ability to have functional users outside of their IT department create and adjust forms was a business need.


SFU was able to create a digitized prospective student collection method, as well as organize the case questions forms with required information (and collect attachments), and more, with the Formstack for Salesforce solution. Since Formstack is FOIPPA compliant, it met SFU’s compliance standards. With Formstack’s prefill capabilities, any future surveys or forms sent out to the students are prefilled with the student’s information, which allowed them to not have to ask the same question multiple times, and enabled SFU to build better relationships and engagement with students.

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Empowered students

Enabled student engagement through digital forms

Addressed compliance needs

Improved data security with FOIPPA compliant processes

Improved efficiency

Eliminated manual data entry and established new processes

Minimized costs

Saved money by consolidating software within their tech stack

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